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What is ChatGPT? Why the AI chatbot is primed to disrupt search

chat gpt new features

The feature allows users to add various preferences and requirements that they want the AI chatbot to consider when responding. This neural network uses machine learning to interpret data and generate responses and it is most prominently the language model that is behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT. GPT-4 is the most recent version of this model and is an chat gpt new features upgrade on the GPT-3.5 model that powers the free version of ChatGPT. The release last year of ChatGPT, a chatbot from Microsoft-backed OpenAI, sparked a race in the tech industry to give consumers access to generative AI technology. At the time, ChatGPT was the fastest-growing consumer application ever and is now one of the top 30 websites in the world.

chat gpt new features

VC firms including Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive and K2 Global are picking up new shares, according to documents seen by TechCrunch. Altogether the VCs have put in just over $300 million at a valuation of $27 billion to $29 billion. This is separate to a big investment from Microsoft announced earlier this year, a person familiar with the development told TechCrunch, which closed in January. The size of Microsoft’s investment is believed to be around $10 billion, a figure we confirmed with our source.

OpenAI releases a guide for teachers using ChatGPT in the classroom

Thanks to its advanced language training model, ChatGPT is capable of creating human-like content that is coherent and creative too. If asked, it can produce content mimicking your favorite creator, making it ideal for brainstorming, testing, and content creation. The chatbot can even remember and refer to previous inputs, making it possible to have back-and-forth conversations while allowing for more engaging and meaningful interactions. Referring to ChatGPT as just an ‘AI chatbot’ doesn’t quite hit the mark. This next-gen marvel can power up and flex its muscles to take on some menial to complex tasks. It is capable of human-like interactions and can even understand basic nuances of everyday communication, including slang and professional jargon.

chat gpt new features

If it gets it wrong, the team inputs the correct answer back into the system, teaching it correct answers and helping it build its knowledge. As a language model, it works on probability, able to guess what the next word should be in a sentence. To get to a stage where it could do this, the model went through a supervised testing stage. This included a whopping 570GB of data obtained from books, web texts, Wikipedia, articles and other pieces of writing on the internet.

Our plans for the future

You should be able to sync your conversations and preferences across devices, too — so if you’re iPhone at home and Android at work, no worries. Using the Discord bot created in the GPT-4 Playground, OpenAI was able to take a photo of a handwritten website (see photo) mock-up and turn it into a  working website with some new content generated for the website. While OpenAI says this tool is very much still in development, that could be a massive boost for those hoping to build a website without having the expertise to code on without GPT’s help.

chat gpt new features

ChatGPT will also be able to read everything online and access specialized knowledge bases that aren’t indexed and searchable without visiting a particular website. A few early-access users got to test ChatGPT plugins in a limited form in late March. Since then, the number of available plugins has grown dramatically from a meager 11 to over 70. In it, he took a picture of handwritten code in a notebook, uploaded it to GPT-4 and ChatGPT was then able to create a simple website from the contents of the image.

While Microsoft Corp. has pledged to pour $10 billion into OpenAI, other tech firms are hustling for a piece of the action. Alphabet Inc.’s Google has already unleashed its own AI service, called Bard, to testers, while a slew of startups are chasing the AI train. In China, Baidu Inc. is about to unveil its own bot, Ernie, while Meituan, Alibaba and a host of smaller names are also joining the fray. It’s been criticized for giving inaccurate answers, showing bias and for bad behavior — circumventing its own baked-in guardrails to spew out answers it’s not supposed to be able to give.

Let’s embark on this journey to understand how ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way we interact with AI. ChatGPT is not the only AI tool that seems to do certain creative tasks better and faster than humans. Ask for an image of a cat playing on a cell phone in an airplane, and DALL-E will provide one in seconds. Again, the particular system solutions that will be unlocked aren’t clear, but upskilling millions of people in their ability to create and manipulate images will have a profound impact on the economy.

The ‘custom instructions’ feature is extended to free ChatGPT users

A chatbot can be any software/system that holds dialogue with you/a person but doesn’t necessarily have to be AI-powered. For example, there are chatbots that are rules-based in the sense that they’ll give canned responses to questions. However, what makes the app different from the default experience or the dozens of generic AI chat apps now available are the characters offered which you can use to engage with SuperChat’s AI features.

Having worked in tech journalism for a ludicrous 17 years, Mark is now attempting to break the world record for the number of camera bags hoarded by one person. He was previously Cameras Editor at Trusted Reviews, Acting editor on, as well as Features editor and Reviews editor on Stuff magazine. chat gpt new features As a freelancer, he’s contributed to titles including The Sunday Times, FourFourTwo and Arena. And in a former life, he also won The Daily Telegraph’s Young Sportswriter of the Year. But that was before he discovered the strange joys of getting up at 4am for a photo shoot in London’s Square Mile.

Overall, in response to our questions, we give ChatGPT a “B” — above average— for its accurate, factually-correct responses to our questions. Perhaps after receiving such a detailed answer to the first question, we expected the other two answers to be as comprehensive. Another pop-up warns that conversations may be reviewed by trainers — so don’t input any sensitive information. Finally a plea for user feedback is made before you are finally in the playground. But whatever your question, to proceed, you just type it into the text box provided and hit enter, and within seconds an answer will appear. A staggering million-plus users signed up for ChatGPT in the five days after its release last week as a test, according to Greg Brockman, president of OpenAI.

The new list of features comes a day after ChatGPT Plus users noticed the popular Link Reader plugin had disappeared, further limiting the ability to browse the web with AI. The official Browse with Bing feature was also removed in early July. Remembering previously selected models can streamline user interactions, helping to save time and add convenience.

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