Slot Variance Low Vs High Volatility Slots 2023

Dan Grant has been writing about gambling for 15 years, and been fascinated by beating the odds for even longer. Now he’s on a mission to help others bet smarter and avoid the mistakes he made. When he’s not obsessing over bankroll strategy or counting cards badly, he’s hosting The OJO Show podcast. There’s no doubt that these slots are exciting, even if the win you’re hoping for may take more time to come. Although it has an outstanding RTP, the game’s very high variance model means your results will vary hugely from session to session and even month to month .

This 243 Ways slot from Microgaming has kept its place in the top 100 most popular slots since 2010, which says it all. This is by no means the definitive list of high variance slots, but they are some of the most popular high variance slots of the last 10 years. We’ve got high variance Playtech slots coming soon too, so look out for those. Online slot machines may look different, but they are all powered by similar software with a mathematical model which tells them how to award prizes. Two players may play identically but their results will vary wildly because of the high degree of luck.

So however skilled you are, you have to play a very large number of games to reduce the impact of luck and see the skill take effect. In games of chance like Blackjack and Texas Hold’em that involve a little skill, some players use the word variance to talk about the amount of luck and its effect on their results. To help you get the most out of your gameplay, we’ve put together a simple table below that lists when you should play each volatility category slot. Being as that is the case, the machine isn’t going to pay out a huge reward for it. It isn’t that much less likely than having four symbols line up, so it simply doesn’t make sense to offer a huge jackpot.

Likewise, games that give regular small wins with fewer pay lines are referred to as low volatility games. Whether land-cased or online, volatility determines the odds of getting a jackpot, the prize money, and all the risks involved in the game. A slot with a high variance has more potential to pay out huge prizes than one with low volatility. When playing low or medium variance slots, you can, on rare occasions, maybe win up to 100x to 500x of your bet. High variance online slots are unpredictable and popular because of the unlikely prospect of a big payout. High variance slot machines are the daredevils of the casino floor.

We often get asked what slot variance means and which the best high variance slots are, so keep reading and you’ll be an expert in no time… That last paragraph should have actually been the first paragraph. Now that I understand slot variance, I will be a wiser spinner. Thanks LCB for acknowledging that your forum members are intelligent beings, but we all lack certain knowledge and you will be here to fill in the blanks when we have a particular need.

  • High-volatility slots attract players with larger budgets and a fearless approach to risk-taking.
  • At PlayOJO, we believe gambling is for fun, even if it’s for real money.
  • The variance of a slot is an indicator of how different value payments are spread out and an excellent indicator of a slot’s risk-factor.
  • Is there a big difference and wider gap between the two payouts?
  • To ascertain a game’s volatility, one can play it a few times or consider other game features that indicate risk factors.

With a few rounds, you can gauge the frequency of wins and the payout patterns. Keep in mind that slots with a promise of substantial prizes are likely to be high-variance jackpot games. It’s important to note that such games won’t award the maximum amount every few spins. Ultimately, the choice of a slot game, regardless of its volatility or variance, depends on your personal preferences and budgetary considerations.

Players who prefer this volatility level are open to taking some risks. Games in this category provide frequent small wins and occasional moderate-sized winning combinations throughout gameplay. High-volatility slot games offer the greatest potential for massive payouts. These games are not suitable for players with limited funds or those who prefer to avoid taking significant risks. High-volatility jackpot slots are programmed to generate winning combinations infrequently.

In contrast, volatility is the risks involved while playing in a short time. High volatility games can mean winning a jackpot in the long term or risking your entire capital in the short term. Your level of experience as a slot player also influences the variance level you should choose.

Slot variance

This Big Time Gaming title even sounds like a high variance slot! Based on the cult classic track by Electric Six, this 2017 release is packed with paylines, bonus features and big win potential. This Elk Studios creation is one of our all-time favourite high variance slots. The 6-reel 5-row game starts at 4,096 paylines but can expand to 8 rows and up to 262,144 paylines. Fishin’ frenzy Megaways™ Blueprint gaming’s version has 6 reels, 15,625 paylines thanks to up to 5 symbols on each reel.

However, the thing that they all share in common is the risk-factor. For example, someone might think that a low variance slot which is paying out more frequently is also going to give a higher return over time, or you could assume the exact opposite. You might think a high variance slot which pays out the occasional huge win is going to have a higher return over time. A high volatility game is an online slot that pays more on average – but less frequently. A low volatility game pays less on average – but more frequently. High Variance – Generally these type of machines have higher payouts but are not consistent.

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